Kinder Kids
International Preschool Oakville

Our aim is to develop our children into global citizens with a passion for learning through instilling consideration, self-expression and vision

In-Person School Tours Kinder Kids Academy offers tours for those who are interested in joining our school.

Please feel free to call us on (905)842-4497 or fill in the contact form here

Kinder Kids International Academy CANADA
Kinder Kids International Preschool CANADA
Unique and Engaging Learning Experiences

Kinder Kids understands the need for higher standards of education for young learners at the most important stage of their lives. We go above and beyond in our care for the children, providing them with a stimulating, engaging and safe learning environment.

We offer a comprehensive program which includes yoga, PE, Science, Cooking, Art, French and Music Classas well as various level specific academic content.

We strive to provide the children with more opportunities to express themselves and develop and share their opinions.

WHY USBenefits For Children

There is an increasing focus on the importance of the preschool years and a heightened awareness of the future impact that this exposure to education has on young children.

We believe that attending Preschool helps children to develop school readiness through their exposure to different cognitive, self-awareness, academic and social skills. It is the first step in a lifelong learning process and the neurological pathways that are formed in these pivotal years will positively affect the students for the remainder of their lives.

Each of our classes maintain a routine throughout the week that helps set the children up for success and provides the children with stability during their time at Preschool. The class teachers guide the children over the course of their school year, thus ensuring the children receive ongoing positive, caring relationships which support their learning in a school environment.

A stimulating environment is the key to fulfilling your child's potential.


    ...a school that understands the need for a higher standard of education for children in the most important stage of their lives

    ...a school where children learn to think globally from a young age


    ...the Kinder Kids approach to early childhood learning

    ・Literacy ・Numeracy ・Science ・Cooking ・Music ・French ・Japanese ・Physical Education


    ...children who have healthy minds and bodies

    ...children who are confident and self-aware

    ...children who have a headstart in all aspects of education

Kinder Kids is a lot of fun!


  • Infant Class

    6 months - 18 months

    Maximum # per class 10 students

    Staff to student ratio: 1:3

  • Toddler

    18 months - 30 months

    Maximum # per class 10 students

    Five days[Mon-Fri]

  • Junior Preschool

    30 months - September

    Maximum# per class 16 students

    Five days[Mon-Fri]

  • Senior Preschool

    3 - 4 years

    Maximum# per class 16 students

    Five Days[Mon-Fri]

  • Jr. Kindergarten

    4 - 5 years

    Maximum# per class 24 students

    Five Days[Mon-Fri]

  • Sr. Kindergarten

    5 - 6 years

    Maximum # per class 24 students

    Five Days[Mon-Fri]

Accepting Enrollment2022-2023

Applications for 2022-23

Programs Child’s Age Maximum# per class Day Class Time
Infant Class 6 months - 18 months 10 Five Days[Mon-Fri] 7am-6pm
Toddler 18 months - 30 months 10
Junior Preschool 30 months - September 16
Senior Preschool 3 - 4 years 16
Jr. Kindergarten 4 - 5 years 24
Sr. Kindergarten 5 - 6 years 24
Infant Class
Child’s Age 6 months - 18 months
Day Five days[Mon-Fri]
Class Time 7am-6pm
Max# per class 10students
Child’s Age 18 months - 30 months
Day Five Days[Mon-Fri]
Class Time 7am-6pm
Max# per class 10students
Junior Preschool
Child’s Age 30 months - September
Day Five Days[Mon-Fri]
Class Time 7am-6pm
Max# per class 16students
Senior Preschool
Child’s Age 3 - 4 years
Day Five Days[Mon-Fri]
Class Time 7am-6pm
Max# per class 16students
Jr. Kindergarten
Child’s Age 4 - 5 years
Day Five Days[Mon-Fri]
Class Time 7am-6pm
Max# per class 24students
Sr. Kindergarten
Child’s Age 5 - 6 years
Day Five Days[Mon-Fri]
Class Time 7am-6pm
Max# per class 24students

Original CurriculumWhat can children learn at Kinder Kids?

  • Original Curriculum Materials

    Incorporating the best the world has to offer, we are very proud of our exciting, balanced curriculum.

    Our enhanced curriculum, developed by educational professionals, is designed to promote excellence by harnessing children's natural motivation.

  • Physical Education

    Strength, balance and teamwork are fundamental to nurturing growing bodies. Gross motor skills are developed as part of the children’s everyday activities at Kinder Kids and in turn help develop their life skills, muscle growth and endurance in our comprehensive P.E. curriculum.

  • Sensory Exploration

    Children are naturally curious. At Kinder Kids we incorporate hands-on, exciting experiments and experiences for the children, which encourage them to explore the natural environment around them. Learning through a variety of interactive experiences is the key to understanding concepts and cementing knowledge.

  • Music

    Our unique Kinder Kids music program gives children the opportunity to learn musical concepts such as rhythm, beat and musical notes. Children learn to play instruments as part of an ensemble and individually. The culmination of their musical learning is their end of year performance as part of the Summer Concert in their final year.

School FacilitiesWhat kind of facilities does Kinder Kids have?

Along with spacious outdoor play spaces, our school features high quality indoor facilities which offer a wide range of learning opportunities.

  1. Kinder Kids International Academy Canada


    Our staff are caring, qualified and professional. Kinder Kids provides a comprehensive training program and ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers.

  2. Kinder Kids International Academy Canada


    We have bright and welcoming classrooms designed to provide the optimal learning environment for your child.

  3. Kinder Kids International Academy Canada


    Our students have access to open-ended equipment that will help them to build their creativity.
    There is no limit to their imagination!

  4. Kinder Kids International Academy Canada

    Lunches and Snacks

    At Kinder Kids we can provide the children with nutritious catered lunches. We offer a tasty, varied and balanced menu to fuel the bodies and minds of our students.

    *Food prepared and delivered by Yummy Catering - a company working within and supporting the local community.

About UsKinder Kids Canada

  • Kinder Kids International PreschoolOakville

    1415 Cornwall Road, Suite B1-B6,Oakville, Ontario,(905)842-4497

    Opening in September 2022 Contact

  • Kinder Kids International PreschoolClarkson

    1575 Clarkson Road North, Mississauga, Ontario

    Opened in September 2014, the facility is almost 12,000 square feet housing 10 classrooms, a spacious indoor gym, three outdoor playgrounds and a children's cooking studio. Kinder Kids Clarkson Website

Kinder KidsAcross the worlds

  • Kinder Kids Japan26 schools in Japan

    Our first school was opened in Higashi-Osaka in western Japan, in January 2000. Now we have 26 schools all over Japan including Kansai, Nagoya, Kanto and Fukuoka.

    Kinder Kids Japan Website

  • Kinder Kids Hawaii1 school in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Opened in January 2019, the facility is housing 5 classrooms and a spacious indoor gym.

    Kinder Kids Hawaii Website

Parent Testimonials

  • The Engels familyClarkson School

    We selected the school after hearing about their impressive and innovative curriculum, in particular, their phonics program. The workbooks and materials are vibrant and fun, and our three kids can often be heard singing the phonics songs throughout our house.

    Our two oldest kids have both entered the public school system knowing how to read, add and subtract, and we know our youngest little guy is not too far behind. The kids also get exposed to various themes and topics, like dinosaurs, the solar system, nutrition and the neighbourhood they live in. The children have no idea how much they are learning because they are too busy having a blast!

    The teachers and administration at Kinder Kids are amazing - year after year we whole heartedly entrust our children's well-being and education to them, knowing that they truly care for our kids.

    We truly are so happy we found Kinder Kids and that we have had the opportunity to become a part of this wonderful community.


  • Q.Can I set up an appointment to visit your preschool ?

    Of course! We would love for you to come and visit us so you have a chance to see what we do and how we do it. We are very proud of our facilities, our fantastic teachers and original curriculum. Appointments are available throughout the day, please feel free to contact us via our website, email us at or call us on (905) 855-1111

  • Q.What are your ratios for each level ?

    We have the following ratios in our schools and they are adhered to throughout the day:
    ■1 teacher for every 3 Infant children [with a maximum of 10 students per class]
    ■1 teacher for every 5 Toddler children [with a maximum of 10 students per class]
    ■1 teacher for every 8 Junior Preschool children [with a maximum of 16 students per class]
    ■1 teacher for every 8 Senior Preschool children [with a maximum of 16 students per class]
    ■1 teacher for every 13 Junior Kinder children [with a maximum of 24 students per class]
    ■1 teacher for every 13 Senior Kinder children [with a maximum of 24 students per class]

  • Q.Are there any additional programs available ?

    Included in our program are French, PE and Music.

  • Q.Do you provide a Before and/or After school program ?

    We do not currently have space to run a standalone before and after school program for students not attending during our regular class hours.

  • Q.Are there any times in the year when you are closed ?

    All classes are closed for public, statutory holidays and 2 staff professional Development days in the year. Other schedules may vary slightly according to the child’s year level. We will be closed for 2 weeks over the winter holidays, and the last week of August for PD days and classroom prep days.

  • Q.Are there scheduled nap times for all age groups ?

    Rest periods are scheduled for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers. If children are unable to sleep, calm music and quiet activities are also provided to help the children to relax.
    Our Junior and Senior Kinder classes also have a designated mindfulness hour (rather than a sleep period) after lunch when they undertake quiet activities.

  • Q.Does Kinder Kids have a uniform ?

    Yes. We believe school uniforms add to the identity of the school, create a sense of belonging for the students. Our staff also wear uniforms that match the students’ uniforms.
    Full uniforms are worn by Sr. Preschool and JK/SK students. Jr. Preschoolers will wear the uniform shirt, and hat only.

  • Q.Do you accept children with fee subsidy ?

    Kinder Kids accepts children with fee subsidy.
    For further information, please visit or call 905-793-9200.

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